Leigh Women in Business Network (WIBN)

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Jodie O'Regan

Conveyancing Executive


Leigh Women in Business (WIBN)

I am proud to have the pleasure of being part of the Leigh Women in Business Networking group. Giles Wilson have been part of this group for many years, and each month send a representative to speak on behalf of the services that Giles Wilson can offer. As a Conveyancing Executive I am currently the GW representative!

The Leigh WIBN group is open to a variety of professionals from all areas of life and specialising in a huge range of work. From floristry to property management, and designing your home in an eco-friendly way to financial advisors. The women who attend this group give up their time to take part and inspire, coach, feedback and refer clients to this trusted group of female representatives.

Everyone here goes out of their way to welcome and support new members, and make them feel like they have found a safe space to speak about their businesses. Many of the women who attend have incredible stories and backgrounds and have so much advice to offer about setting up your own business, taking risks and how they have overcome challenges they have faced.

Attending these meetings feels like you are going out to lunch with a group of friends you have known all your life. Everyone shares their positive and uplifting stories, recent successes, but also what they have learnt from being a woman in business.

I have loved attending and participating in WIBN. I enjoy sharing my experience in dealing with all kinds of residential property matters including sales, purchases and transfers of equity. I hope I have offered the group my expertise on all kinds of property matters. I am based at our Leigh Broadway office, in the heart of the bustling parade of shops.

I am supported by my colleague, Demi Trunks who is also part of this group. Demi is a Private Client Associate Solicitor and specialises in Wills, Probate and Declarations of Trust and is based at our Head Office along London Road, Leigh on Sea.

Not only does the group meet once a month, but it is also encouraged to have 1-1’s with all members of the group to find out more about them and how you can help each other (i.e. by referring clients or possibly even friends). When attending the meetings you may feel like you can’t necessarily help someone whose business doesn’t tie into the work you do, but meeting members on a 1-1 basis means you can really delve into the services their business offers and find out more about them as a person. By finding out more about them as individuals, you realise that there are likely to be contacts you can introduce them to.

Being part of Women in Business is not only about networking but also about meeting other inspiring and hard-working women who are always there to support you and your business.

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