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Whether you're facing an accusation of white-collar crime or are looking to prosecute, we provide expert support, advice and representation on nearly all criminal law cases. View our complete range of Criminal Law services below.

Driving Offences

From a simple speeding offence or careless driving penalty to mobile phone offences or drink driving, the charges you can be faced with when driving are wide-ranging. Talk to our team for unrivalled advice on all motoring matters.

Private Client Offences

Criminal charges can be brought against even the most upstanding citizens. If this happens to you, our defence specialists are on-hand to vigorously fight for your rights.

Public Order Offences

The Public Order Act 1986 outlines a number of offences that range in their seriousness, from being drunk and disorderly to rioting. If you are being investigated for a Public Order offence, our criminal defence lawyers can help.

Regulatory Offences

If you find that you or your company is under investigation for a matter relating to regulatory offences, it’s important that you seek reliable legal advice as early as possible. Trust our criminal defence solicitors to help you get back to business.

Vehicle Offences

When it comes to a vehicle offence, pleading ignorance is not a defence – no matter how careful a driver you are. With over 20 years of specialist experience, our trustworthy solicitors are committed to keeping the wheels of good drivers firmly where they should be; on the road.


Our trusted experienced criminal law and duty solicitors are on-hand to provide expert advice and guidance to clear your name.

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When to report a solicitor to the SRA

If you have complained to your solicitor about breaching the SRA Code of Conduct and are not satisfied with their response, you can report them to the SRA. Examples of a breach include:

  • Dishonesty
  • Fraud
  • Discrimination

When to contact the Legal Ombudsman

If you have complained to your solicitor about poor service and you are not satisfied with their response, you can contact the Legal Ombudsman who deal with poor service, such as:

  • Delayed or unclear communication
  • Problems with your bill
  • Loss of documents