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SPOTLIGHT on LEAH ELLIS: Family solicitor at Giles Wilson

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SPOTLIGHT on LEAH ELLIS: Family solicitor at Giles Wilson

Splitting up from someone you once loved and shared a life with is difficult enough. Telling the nitty gritty of that to a perfect stranger, a lawyer, is just another ordeal. Clients need to share details of the breakdown of the relationship, the finances and the arrangements for the children. Sometimes it is necessary to talk about regrets or behaviour, and it is always necessary to speak about worries and concerns.

Leah is a great listener, and she gives her clients the confidence to share the information that helps her do a great job for them. Leah knows that life is not perfect and works with the clients to get the best result for them in their own particular situation because every family is different and so is every client.

Clients speak to Leah knowing it is in complete confidence and without judgment. She holds clients’ hands on their journey through to their new life, making sure that she works with them to see what they can achieve both financially and for their family life.

Whether you are super wealthy or wondering how on earth the assets are going to go round, Leah helps and with clear information on costs. It is so important to get the correct advice as early as possible – ideally before marriage! Yes, Leah makes pre-nuptial agreements and co-habitation agreements too – those just in case preparations that are overlooked as we rush to the wedding ceremony. We advise against our hearts ruling our heads, but appreciate that we just sound like spoil sports.

So, if you are planning to get hitched, or if you are coming out of a relationship get in touch with Leah. She will support you and provide solid advice.

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