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SPOTLIGHT on BENJAMIN BADURA, Litigation Solicitor at Giles Wilson

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Benjamin Badura


How to make a contentious probate claim

SPOTLIGHT on BENJAMIN BADURA, Litigation Solicitor at Giles Wilson.

Ben specialises in the problems that cause us angst in our every day life. He relishes the idea of helping a client with the issues that literally could be a legal nuisance, such as a noisy neighbour, or one who has erected the fence over your boundary. He loves nothing more than a good trespass situation, or someone causing damage to your property. He will get to grips with the issue, find the point of law and then advise you how to deal with it. These type of cases often do not get as far as court; with good early advice and the correct type of communication, a result can be achieved.

Sometimes these cases require urgent action; so an injunction may be applied for to stop someone doing something that they should not. Or a different type of court application to make them do something that they are not currently doing. This could be a landlord, or it could be a tenant. It could be a Leaseholder, or you may be a Freeholder. It could be relating to disrepair, a dispute over the deposit or it could be about seeking possession.

Have you fallen out with a builder or do you feel you are about to? Early advice can reduce the amount of collateral damage by narrowing the issues and getting the job done in the way that both parties agree as soon as possible. You may be a builder who has not been paid; your own money may be tied up in the materials, and your contractors waiting to be paid; whichever side of the argument you are on, Ben can help.

Basically Ben likes an argument; or rather he does not. He intervenes with his calm approach and uses the law to solve your problem.

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