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  • To celebrate Pride, our Senior Paralegal, Liam Crawford, who works in our Litigation and Family Department looks at the importance of pronouns in ever growing society.

To celebrate Pride, our Senior Paralegal, Liam Crawford, who works in our Litigation and Family Department looks at the importance of pronouns in ever growing society.

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Melinda Giles

Managing Partner

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June brings many exciting times such as the summer solstice, BBQ season and the start of pride month. At Giles Wilson we wanted to talk about the importance of pronouns. With society ever growing, the understanding of self-expression and gender identity are paramount to ensuring you are respectful to those around you. Knowing how to acknowledge and affirm someone’s identity, is a key quality in demonstrating your support of the LGBTQ+ community.

When communicating with someone new, it is always a good idea to make sure you are using inclusive language. Terms such as they/them to avoid an incorrect assumption being made. Pronouns are not a suggestion; they are fundamental and vital to someone’s identity and should be respected.

It is also important to remember questions are okay, having an open mindset is the first step you can take in making sure you’re supporting those around you. Enquiring about someone’s pronouns is inherently considerate and supportive, additionally, mistakes do happen, it is what you do next that is key. Apologise for your mistake, use that experience to learn so you don’t offend others in the future.

Promoting kindness is breaking down boundaries and allowing people to be who they know they are!

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